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crazy weather? np!

crazy weather? np!

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Meet The Inventor

Hi! I'm Sirena, the inventor of Tempus Hood.  Why the invention? Here's the deal, I spend quite a bit of money in making sure my hair looks fab and stays that way! This is tough to maintain when you live in a city with unpredictable weather! Not only are you trying to figure out what to wear but now you need a coat or jacket with a hood just in case.  As we know, not all coats or jackets have hoods and who reallllly wants to carry around an umbrella?  Not me! Especially, when I am enjoying an outdoor activity! That's when I started thinking about a solution. I wanted a hood that would be simply cute, easy to secure and portable.  In 2012 I sketched my first hood and shortly thereafter, I submitted a patent application - fingers crossed!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the benefits of Tempus Hood as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by!

Protect Your 'Do By Helping Us Grow!

We've launched our crowdfunding campaign via iFundwomen!  Please click here to support reaching our goal to create more hoods to protect your 'Do! XO