About Us

Hello! There’s nothing worse than seeing the clouds roll in and remembering you don’t have your umbrella. I’m Sirena Rolfe and I’m the Inventor of Tempus Hood.
Like most ladies, I spend quite a bit of money in making sure my hair looks fab and stays that way! This is tough to maintain when you live in an area with unpredictable weather. As we know, not all coats or jackets have hoods and who 
reallllly wants to carry around an umbrella or oversize coat as a "just in case"?  Not me! That's when I started thinking about a solution. I wanted to invent something that would be simple but easy to secure and portable.  In 2012 I sketched my first hood and shortly thereafter, I submitted a patent application. My patent for my my hood was granted Jan 2019/published April 2019!  One of the few African-American women to have received a patent since the 1860s! Anyway, if you decide to purchase a hood (thank you), not only will you protect your 'do, it is protected with a patented hood!

I hope you enjoy the benefits of Tempus Hood as much as I do! 

Thanks for stopping by!